Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Of Guiding Light

Wow, that post title may just be the corniest thing I've come up with yet.

The past month has been busy with merc requests, my PvP team, leveling up my fire wizard (just got fire dragon, w00t!), all of which I plan to blog about soon. However, the news that has me all excited now is a NEW CHALLENGE!   New content for levels 25+? Possibly a new CHEAT DUNGEON?! Yes, please!

On that note, I realize when they released this info that I never got around to finish up my guide on the Warehouse. It's been in the works for a while but somehow I just never got it all down on paper. Er, on screen? Either way, I loooooove cheat dungeons - figuring out how the bosses cheat, how to cheat them right back, and helping people accomplish something they're struggled with just makes my day. But with news a new dungeon on the way, I finished up the warehouse guide yesterday and will be able to focus on the newest dungeon when it comes out.

I also realized that those wizards who are not on Wizard101 Central probably haven't ever had cause to see my guides, so if anyone is interested, here's a link to the two current ones. Here's hoping I get the chance to make another one very shortly! Thanks for yet more new content, KI, and I'm excited to see what new challenges are in store!

Plumbing101 - A Guide to the Waterworks instance

Exterminated - A Guide to the Warehouse/Spiral Geographic Tower


  1. Congrats on your new fire spell! Also, thank you for the wonderful guides. They are very helpful!

  2. I think those two guides are the most thorough guides I have ever seen! Excellent job, Kat! Those are really going to come in handy when someone needs help with those instances!

    Oh, and congrats on fire dragon, aka my favorite spell ;)