Monday, 15 August 2011

Of my crazy PvP noobness (or is it nooby craziness?)

Well, we finally got our PvP team off the ground! I was gifted (yes, I just turned 'gift' into a verb, and I stand by my choice) some lovely crowns a while ago and, after giving some away here I bought some fancy schmancy mastery amulets for myself and our myth player, Mr. Owl. Josh and John had already won the amulets they wanted from the WaterWorks. At this point I COULD go off on a rant about how I've run the Waterworks at least twice as much as they have and have yet to get either of the amulets I want, although I HAVE won them and they just keep dropping on the wrong account, and Josh and John somehow have had the incredibly unfair good luck to get exactly the amulets they wants on exactly the wizards they wanted them. However, I WON'T go off on a rant about that, because I'm just not that sort of person. ;)

After getting our gear, we worked on a strategy for our team. Our final strategy is a very complex, hard to understand one that I couldn't begin to explain. But for those of you who feel ready to have some insight into our well thought out plan, it's mostly based around the extremely in-depth concepts of 'winging it', 'playing it by ear', and 'let's try this out and see if we all die." Like I said, VERY complex, you've probably never heard of it. (Hipster PvP'er used winging it strategies before this blog post.)

Also... don't put up a doom and gloom when you're going second against a powerhouse team, no matter how good of an idea it seems at the time. That's one definitely nailed down piece of strategy.

My rank going into team PvP (after I took this picture I won 1 more match, and then lost for the first time in 1v1).

My current rank:
If you do the math *which you don't have to do because I did*, that translates to 50 wins, 8 losses for our team. Not too shabby! Thanks for different experiences in 1v1 prior to making our team, and a few ill-timed random disconnects, this has brought Mr. Owl to overlord, Josh to commander, and John to captain. These are the highest ranks any of us have gotten on any of our wizards so far, so we'll all pretty happy with how it's going. We'll keep on with this team until we all hit warlord, and then I suspect we'll switch up our schools and fight as Mercenaries 4 Honour, version 2.0.

Don't let this fool you, though. We don't have a clue what we're doing. In fact, we are
-treasure noobs
-dispel noobs (often this is in combination with bring treasure noobs)
-shield noobs
-heal noobs
-attack spamming noobs
-beguile noobs
-pet noobs

.... and the list could go on. As a matter of fact, it did. One of my good friends, Alex Lionheart, actually sent me a (friendly, funny) list of the 101 types of noob I am. It was greatly appreciated, as I need to know the extent of my noobness before I can fix it.

In other words - the better the do, the more annoyed you make people. So don't take it personally. Choose a group that you'll have a blast with no matter what, win or lose, and that go out and do just that. It's not about winning or losing, it's not about being a noob or pwning, it's about having a blast.

Also, we may or may not be crazy.

And on that note... soon to come, the story of day my pet got himself reported. BAD Moose!

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