Thursday, 25 August 2011

Of Wysteria and.... Oooo... Sparkly.

By now most of you, like me, have probably run through Wysteria on any number of wizards. Since most of my wizards are legendary (or close to it - fire is 59 and barely into DS Academy, but that's a whole other story), I really didn't get much of an idea of how much XP Wysteria gave.

Aside from a Kensington Park run or two, my balance baby has been collecting dust for a while. I mean, really... I'm in the middle of Marleybone. Heading back to leveling there is not a prospect I much relish. But Wysteria? Now THAT I can handle! So I decided to take some quick screen caps, just to see how much experience Wysteria really gives. Turns out that, given the size of the world, this is more of a Wintertusk than a Grizzleheim.

This is where my level and XP were sitting when I first started Wysteria.

Level 32, almost to 33.

Here is where I set AFTER Wysteria (and only Wysteria).
Just a hair past 35. I wouldn't say the XP is overkill, but this in combination with the XP of Wintertusk at level 40 is, imho, a bit too much XP for the game to handle. This world is so gorgeous and so fun, I doubt anyone would have stayed away from lack of XP.

And now, on to more important matters. With this most recent level, there has been a VERY important change. Please observe.

Katherine LightGiver, Pre-Wysteria, level 32.

And now, Katherine LightGiver, Post-Wysteria, level 35.

Oooooo..... sparkly. What can I say, I like pretty clothes. This character is much more bearable to play on now.

Also, I'm a Wyvern's Hoard addict.I think I need to join a support group.
It was worth it. I am not ashamed. Okay, maybe I'm a little ashamed, but not ashamed enough that I regret it. And again I feel the need to say.... Oooooo, sparkly. I'm riding a dragon. That shoots sparkles. Check your reason at the door and just enjoy this. Say it with me. "Oooooo.... Sparkly."

Speaking of pretty things, check this out!

[covers eyes]
Is it gone?

Oh that note, whether you be sparkly, just plain creepy, or somewhere in between, I hope you're enjoying Wysteria. Happy Wizarding!

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