Monday, 4 July 2011

Of TRI-winning! (Beat that, Charlie!)

Since I already made you dredge through that whole last post to get to the good stuff, I'll go easy on you on this time and get straight to the fun!

There were 14 people entered (2 entered via twitter/facebook and were added on to the end of the list), and since I'm all about making this up as I go along anyway I'm gonna give away 3 prizes instead of 2. I asked Alvin, Simon, and Theodore each to pick a number higher than 0 and less than 15. So the winners are...

From Simon: "TEN!" (congrats to compguru1)
From Alvin: "THIRTEEN!" (congrats to Sarai Griffinsong)
From Theo: "FIRTY!"
From me: "Less then 15, honey, pick a little number."
From Theo: "A HUNDWED!"
From me: "That's not a little number, honey, try picking something waay smaller."
From Theo: [confused silence].... [holds up four fingers] "I am FWEE years old!" [stares at his four fingers, counts them our veeeery slowly, pushes one finger down and waves his 'fwee' fingers around proudly since he's now apparently a math genius in his own mind.]
So... three it is! (congrats to elite wizard)

I'll get in touch with you all this morning so we can set up a time to meet and get you your crowns items!


  1. Hehe That is so cute :) Btw Thanks for holding this "contest". You are so kind that you deserve US gifting YOU and not vice versa. :) Anyways, Thanks!

  2. Thanks the bone drake mount still eludes me but a sea dragon is always nice!