Sunday, 12 June 2011

Of wizard babies and wizard buddies.

It's been a while since I took a new wizard through the Spiral. For the past little while I've been focusing instead on pets, gardening, decorating, crafting, PvP, Wintertusk, Waterworks... pretty much anything other than new wizards. In these past few weeks I've made two wizards, and I'm loving it. Going back into the questing stage after a long break is like rediscovering the magic all over again, but this time with good friends by my side. :) This time instead of pushing through, I'm taking time to read the dialogue, laugh at the corny one-liners, and just have fun with my friends. The Spiral is a fresh new place again!

This was taken a few nights ago, just after I made my balance. We're at level 1 here, with the gates on Unicorn way still firmly closer. The is my baby balance with Josh's baby myth, as well as John's (in his words) "WAY higher level" storm and balance, who were on Cyclops Lane at the time.
  Since that time Josh and I have burned through WC and left John a little bit in the dust (sorry about that, John). This was my balance baby today, getting her Mander Minion.

I'm loving balance so far. A low level 4 pip AoE, buffs for anyone who needs them, and a nice diversity of bosses in spell quests have made this a fun character to level.

This is my Magus Pyromancer, who's questing along with John's myth and life. We're REALLY taking our time with these ones, which is just fine with me.  Marleybone is by far my least favorite world and, to be honest, I can only handle it in short doses anyway. We finished off Newgate Prison shortly after this picture, so now we're moving on to Knight's Court, some final errands for the aptly named Abgail DoLittle, and then taking on the string of final Marleybonian dungeons. MooShu is so close I can almost taste it. (Mmmmm..... beef and bacon.)

I gotta admit, John's pumpkin head is a little disconcerting. When talking in game I find myself instinctly turning away from his myth and facing his life, lol. It may just be a bunch of pixels, but a guy with a pumpkin for a head is still off-putting. Sorry, man. :P

I'm amazed by how much I enjoy hanging out with these guys. They are both so completely different but somehow we all have a blast together. I'll spare you the details (by which I mean I am saving them for future blackmail), but these guys are a load of fun. If you know them, you want to get to know them more and more. They are smart, silly, sarcastic and yet kind, giving, and genuinely care about others. And if they read this they will tease me mercilessly for having said that, but they'll secretly love it and we all know it.

And let's be honest here - this is why we all stick with the game. The storyline is fun, the dungeons can be a challenge at times, earning badges and learning strategies are great accomplishments, but we keep coming back because of the great community and the friends we've made within it. A year ago I had no idea who any of my in-game friends were, and now the idea of NOT knowing them seems strange. So thanks to everyone out there for making this community the fantastic, welcoming place it is. I know it's been a wild ride this year for me, and I look forward to seeing where the next year goes!

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