Saturday, 11 June 2011

My legen(wait for it)... daries.

I suppose a blog about wizard101 isn't much without the wizards, huh? ;) So, since I'm lacking the creativity to invent an introduction or a segue, here are my legendaries!

This is my life wizard, Katherine LightWielder. She was my first wizard and is also my main. While I love all my wizards for all different reasons, in my heart I'm a life through and through. I love it when someone calls out for help and I can jump in knowing for sure that I can actually HELP them. That being said, because this was my first wizard, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I think I've repurchased her training points at least 3 times, maybe 4. I tried PvP on her back before CL came out, and before I really understood the mechanics of the game. To say it did not end well would be an understatement. I went back into the arena a short while ago with my newfound knowledge and enjoyed myself a bit more. :)

My life wizard is the first to get her dream pet. A dragonblade pet with blade of life (not as good as may lifeblade for PvP, but far more useful in PvE which is my main focus), spell proof, pain giver, and spritely. The spell proof is a little low for my liking, but overall I'm thrilled with Bandit.

Life's stats. Don't know why you would care, lol, but I felt like posting them. If you wanted to know anything about my gear, ask away.

Up next is my death wizard, Katherine LightWeaver. She was my second wizard, and I created her because I kept hearing how AWESOME death school was. Overall, she's my least favorite. I have fun on her (especially since winning the life mastery amulet in Waterworks!), but for some reason gravitate towards my other wizards more. Perhaps if they'd come up with a solution for the gargantuan/life steal situation a bit sooner I would have stuck with her more, but as it is she got relegated to the bench. I think I'll be pulling her out a bit more in the next few weeks, just to get a feel for death again. That being said, she was VERY easy to get to warlord in PvP.

Death's pet changes with the weather, lol. I'm still very much working on something decent for her, but my pet priorities right now are with storm and ice. In the meantime, I usually use a polar cat with spell proof, health gift, and pain giver.

Death's stats. Full WaterWorks gear again, as all my legendaries have *because I'm hopelessly addicted to the WaterWorks*.

Next up is my storm, Katherine LightWalker. Next to my life I probably use this one the most. In PvE, who doesn't love a storm? You can one hit Sylster and his minions (or Nordri, for that matter) without breaking a sweat. I take her along when I'm worried about firepower. Erm, or if I just really need to work out some aggression by pounding something to death. Not that I ever get that way.... [walks away whistling] Storm was BY FAR,  HANDS DOWN the most difficult to get to warlord in PvP. I did it before Waterworks was released and with low health and no resist aside from pet resist at the time, it was brutal. BRUTAL. And when I did win it was met with complaints about lucky criticals, the unfairness of spritely, etc. I'm glad I pushed through, though - I'm more proud of the badge on this character than on all of the other combined.

Storm has two pets that I alternate between. This is my pet for PvP and soloing. 14% resist, spritely and a stacking blade? Yes, please. For PvP a may cast would be preferably but my focus is usually on PvE.

For PvE in groups I'm still working on my dream pet - that being blade flurry, storm giver, pain giver, and spell proof. If my value as a storm is in my power, I'm going to max that out for MAX OVERKILL! I mean, erm, for the good of the team. Yeah, that's it, the team. I've got 3 out of 4 right now but need to replace a sticky selfish talent with storm giver. It is just not working out yet.

Here are storm's stats (you guessed it - full Waterworks gear) with my PvE pet equipped.

This is my last legendary, my ice wizard Katherine LightWhisper. I like ice. Ice is good for everything. I can solo, I can buff, I can tank, I can kill, I can go undefeated up to warlord in PvP... but for all those reasons I don't really LOVE Ice. I love a challenge, and while ice can burn through accomplishments, I was left feeling like I hadn't really EARNED those accomplishments. Then again, Ice got to warlord before the great ice nerf of Waterworks gear, so perhaps it's time for me to give ice a whirl again. In PvE I treat my ice as more of a pseudo-balance. Blading, tanking, and setting others up while taking the heat.

Ice's stats. In this picture I was wearing my waterworks gear, but I actually often alternate with the level 58 robes. I lose some power and health but gain that 5% resist, which is helpful when I'm planning to just be the tank.

This is ice's pet. Pretty close to perfect (and a hatching machine), but given that I'm not usually using ice as a powerhouse, I'd prefer to trade in either pain or ice-giver for spritely.

That's all I have for legendaries at the moment! I have two new girls working their way up through the ranks - a baby balance who just (literally just, right before I started this post) finished off Wizard City, and a fire hanging out in Marleybone. I'll show them off in another post where I'll take the opportunity to introduce you to my fun, wonderful, but mostly insane leveling buddies. :)

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