Thursday, 9 June 2011

My inaugural blog - meet the family!

Welcome, young wizard!

As this is my first blog post, or at least my first wizardly one, I'm hesitant to say exactly what you might find here over time. A hodge-prodge of all things wizardly, most likely. Friends, family, farming, fighting, and everything in between! So I'll keep it simple for now then! By way of introduction, here are my husband and kid's wizards. I'll throw mine into a separate post.

Sean LightWielder, aka Mr Light. Legendary Sorcerer and PvP Warlord. Sean is hard-working, dependable, solid as a rock, and would give you the robes off his back (if they weren't no trade/no auction). This right here is the love of my life, pixelized.

Gabriel LightWielder, AKA Simon, Grandmaster Thaumaturge. Simon is patient, smart as a whip, and always pushes (both himself and others) to do the right thing. He believes he is right, the world both wizarding and otherwise is black and white, and digs in staunchly when challenged.

Wolf LightWielder, AKA Alvin, Magus Pyromacer. Alvin is a big ball of energy. Whatever he does, he does passionately and with complete focus. He has what I can only call a talent for trouble. There is NO stopping Alvin once he makes up his mind about something.

Youngin' LightWielder, AKA Theodore. Asks for a 'widdud' on occasion, but trust me, the wizarding world is not quite ready for this quantity of cute yet. Theo is sweet, high-energy, and keep himself busy creating toddler havoc and tagging along after his brothers.

We're having a great time taking on the spiral as a family, and hopefully we can join some of you on our adventures!

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