Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Of bittersweet goodbyes. Ok, mostly sweet.

This week I bid a fond farewell to my balance baby.

Okay, maybe a more of see ya later.

Between having some fun as the new merc on the block with the Mercenenaries For Hire and working on leveling my fire, trying to level my balance on top of that started to feel a little too hurried and rushed for my liking. So my balance baby is on hold for a bit while John and I work on our new wizards.

I also said a not-so-fond farewell to Savarstaad Pass, and more importantly to everyone's favorite party planner, Abigail DooLittle. Marleybone is DONE! Sweet, sweet relief! I even forced myself to stick around a while longer and farm for some scrap iron from the counterweights to get those pesky crafting quests done so I never. have. to. return. ever. Erm, on this character. John and I are now cooking bacon in the first parts of MooShu. To be more accurate, I'm cooking the pigs and John's frog is... well, doing what myth frogs do. Thanks for ruining the bacon with that, btw.

I also hung out at my first Twizard party this past weekend, and managed to get lucky and win a Sultan's Palace gift card! I used the crowns to buy myself and some friend a dragon's hoard pack. :) I got lucky and with my one pack got the only thing I actually wanted - the dragons wings mount for my fire! To be honest, I don't care for the bone dragon mount too much. I also won a crowns robe for my baby balance that I'm sure will come in handy (once I get back on my balance, lol). My ice got the the flute and I gotta say that while I love the block, that flute playing every spell is going to get old FAST.

I gave the house to my balance baby because, well... sultan's palace, balance wizard.... it just seemed appropriate. The problem is, I have no idea what to do with it. I love decorating, but I always go in with ideas, like this one.

In this case, I have no CLUE how I want to decorate this place, so I feel like I'm just throwing stuff together. So far all I know is that I like the lake, so I've put some plants around it along with a boat and a crab. (Also, my balance is horribly mismatched right now. Sultan's hat, princess/prestigious shoes, aand dragon rider robe. Oy.)

I feel like I need a bigger idea behind my decorating here, before it starts to look at thrown together as my outfit. I should tour some other people's sultan's palaces and steal their ideas.

I mean, get inspired. Yeah. That. 'Inspiration.'

All in all, it's been a fun week!

Side note - a few weeks ago I saw a low level named Katherine LightWeaver talking to a John Shadow low level outside the bazaar. As I knew John wasn't around at the time, I just thought it was a funny joke (and John still thinks I'm just setting him up for a prank with this, lol). Yesterday, however, I ran into her again at the bazaar (no fake John Shadow in sight this time), and she's now a life grandmaster. I asked if she was Katherine Light from central and SOMEONE said yes, but as I was signing out while it was said, I can't confirm for sure if it was her that said it or just someone else assuming this info. Given that both times I saw he she was on scarecrow, and once was with a fake John Shadow, I feel safe assuming this is someone pretending to be me. So far, there's no harm done and I don't really mind (other than being a little weirded out, lol), but please let me know if you see this person acting as though they were me in any more public situations. 'My' Katherine LightWeaver is a death wizard, not a life wizard. Thanks!

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