Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Of failed patriotism and broken promises.

I have a confession to make, dear country. I have betrayed you. From far and wide, O Canada, I stand on guard for thee! ..... but come on, I can only resist so much! He was just too cute to NOT take home, with his little beard and his pot of gold and his top hat, and all of those leftover crowns from Luke Goldhorn's Wizaversary party were burning a hole in my pocket anyway! I'm sorry, Canada. If it's any consolation, my act of betrayal has in turn betrayed me right back.

The Patriotic Leprechaun is a promising new crowns pet with some EPIC derby  talents. Check out the pet my friend got.

When I saw this guy's talents, I was all in. See, I've had to take a bit of a break from PvP. Right now my free time comes in small increments, and it's hard for me to set aside time for a match that could plausibly take more than hour. I'm a bit shy on the arena tickets I need for the robes I desperately want, though. The solution: per derby! Short times frames, simple fun, and a few tickets as a reward. Why not?

I'll tell you why not. Because all of my pet's derby talents STINK, that's why. So I was PUMPED when I saw this little guy! Bring on the arena tickets, right Sam? (And yes, his name is Sam. What did you expect, originality?) So without, further ado, I introduce you to.... SIR SAM!

[crickets chirping]

So you see, Canada, I have already paid for my act of betrayal. Forgive me. I shall pay you back by buying copious amounts of gift cards when they finally come to Canadian stores this fall. (See June 13.)

I also may have a lied a teensy a little bit two posts ago, where I promised myself I was putting my balance on hold. Sure, I meant it at the time, but then John went off on vacation (real life, pulling my friends away from leveling? Say it ain't so!) and left my fire baby all alone. So back to balance it was! And yet again, in betraying my promise to myself I brought about my own punishment. Witness, if you will, what I have brought upon myself. (Steel yourselves. This is not for the faint of heart.)

Are you ready?

Can you handle the horror?

You're still reading, so I'm not sure you understand how terrifying this is for me.

Fine, then. Witness my pain.


Yes, Josh and I got ourselves through Krokotopia (and observed some questionable make-up choices by Krokopatra) and on to Marleybone. WHY, I say? I just finished this madness! On the plus side, my balance baby is wearing semi-matching clothes again, so at least there's that. A girl's gotta match, right?

Did I really just say that? Oh boy. Marleybone is wearing off on me already. If you need me, I'll be running across roof tops at lightning speed, trying to find my way out of this place. Watch out for the rats!

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