Friday, 9 September 2011

The More the Moneyer Tournament Teams

Well, registration time is up and here's the final info!

Team One - The Veneration (Team leader : davidshadowsword)
Contact info:
Benjamin BattleWraith - Myth
Mackenzie Green - Life
Lauren Breeze - Balance
Devin heart - Life

Team Two - The Flying Squirrels (Team leader : $eth)
Contact info:
Seth- Myth
Austin MythBlade- Myth
Alexis WinterSong - Ice
Paul FireSpear- Fire

Team Three - The TMs (Team leader : zolofarm)
Contact info :
(wizard names forthcoming)
Alex JadeRider - Balance
Savannah WindWeaver - Life
Caspeen - Myth
zolofarm - Fire

Team Four - Luck be a Lady (Team Leader: Cassandra StarDreamer)
Contact info :
Cassandra FireFlame - Fire
Cassandra DayDreamer - Myth
Julia SparkleLeaf - Life
Julia SummerBreeze - Fire

Team Five - Fresher Than Airwick (Team leader : Iridian Ravenhunter)
Contact info :
Iridian Ravenhunter - Fire
Jason Shadowheart - Fire
Duncan - Ice
Morgrim - Life

Team Six -  Team Perfect Catch (Team leader : Kevin BattleBlood)
Contact info :
Ronan Dusk - Ice
Victoria Moondust - Balance
Kevin TitanBlood - Myth
Fallon DeathSlinger - Fire

Team Seven - The Willie Coyotes (Team leader : Hidrac)
Contact info :
(wizard names and schools forthcoming)
Lord StormRider
Lady StormRider

Team Eight - P.B.B (Team leader : kylespiritwalker)
Contact info :
Sean MythFlame - Myth
Luis Frostrider - Life
ValkoorDeathbringer - Death
Tyler Thundersword - Myth
sub -Alex

Team Nine - SNOWPOCALYPSE (Team leader : StorySmith)
Contact info :
Finnegan DragonWielder - Life
Tyler Sunheart - Fire
Padric Lionheart - Fire
Cassandra SpiritHaven - Balance

Team Ten - Magi Monsters (Team leader : calebkk8)
Contact info:
Fred SeaWielder - Balance
Caleb DragonVault - Fire
Seth Lifebane- Death
Maxitola, wizard name forthcoming - Life

Team Eleven - The SkullBreakers (Team leader : Danny b2k)
Contact info:
Daniel Night - Fire
Blaze - Life
Kellan HawkStone - Ice
Daniel DarkGlade- Death

Team Twelve - The UnNamed (Team Leader : Death Lord)
Contact info :
Myrna MoonRiver- Ice
Charles LotusCloud- Myth
Justin DreamSong - Life
Chase FireThief - Fire
sub : Benjamin Dragon - balance

Alternate Team - The Spiral's Greatest Protectors (Team Leader : The Water-Mole Idol)
Contact info :
Eric DuskBreaker - Death
Ryan FireCloud - Ice
Christina Jade - Fire
Wolf Myth - Ice
Sub: Talon - Ice

Because there are twelve teams, every tournament advisor in the world seems to be telling me to do this:

While I don't like giving so many teams a bye, it seems to be the only option for a 12 team tournament. To stay fair and objective in granting the byes, I inputted all of the team names into and said that the first 4 teams would be given a bye, Teams 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, and 11&12 would be paired for the first round. generated the follow list for me:
  1. The Veneration
  2. Team Perfect Catch
  3. P.B.B
  4. The TMs
  5. Magi Monsters
  6. The SkullBreakers
  7. Luck be a Lady
  8. Fresher than Airwick
  9. The UnNamed
  11. The Flying Squirrels
  12. The Willie Coyotes
So, The Veneration, Team Perfect Catch, P.B.B, and The TMs have been granted a bye into the second round. The remaining teams will face off as follows:
Magi Monsters vs. The SkullBreakers
Luck be a Lady vs. Fresher then Airwick
The UnNamed vs. Snowpocalypse
The Flying Squirrels vs. The Willie Coyotes.

The team leaders will be given each others information. Please get in touch with your opponents by the end of Tuesday at the latest and have your match completed by the end of Wednesday so the next round can begin. If you do not contact your opponents by Tuesday night, an alternate team will take take your place in the tournament.

Matches are to take place in the practice arena so that anyone can watch, and so that player cannot the order of their team. As soon as your match time is set up, please get in touch with me so that I can either be there myself or have someone go in my place to ensure the rules are followed (and to keep an eye out for possible winner of those Ravenwood Radio prizes).

12 teams = total Crowns giveaway of 62,000. You're all trying to backrupt me, aren't you? ;)

Good luck to all the teams!

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  1. Woohoo! Good luck all! I can't wait to watch the epic showdown.